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Friday 28. 1.

Mummy space:

17:30 Registration of participants
19:00 Opening of Piratecon
19:30 Proceeding of Pirate Party National Committee

Have you ever wanted to take part in a proceedings of the top body of a political party? Come to visit us and see it for yourself. You may even rebuke the Pirates!


21:00 Noise of Zion – reggae, ska, ragga

Saturday 29. 1.

Mummy space: Ideology of freedom

11:30 Jan Podhajský, Pirate liberalism
12:00 Mgr. Jiří Hoblík, Th.D., Pirate ideals
12: 30 Jaroslav Kučera, Transparence

15: 00 Milan Valach, Ph.D., Governance of the parties or of the people? Crisis of representative democracy and its solution
16:30 ing. Kateřina Amiour, Alternative economical setups
17:30 Mgr. et M.A. Jan Charvát, Ph.D., Freedom and discourse of extremism

21:00 Pirate Djs Hwz+h20

Circus: Pirates in Cyberspace

13: 00 Jakub Michálek, Wikileaks + PirateLeaks

Are you aware of Wikileaks case? Do you know about PirateLeaks? Ask about anything you would like to know „czech Assange“ Jakub Michálek

14:00 Pitvok, Pirates from another dimension

16:00 Shaddack, Hackers for hackers

20:00 Richard M. Stallman

The biggest star of Piratecon. If you are not IT, you may never heard of him, but Richard Stallman is a legendary figure. He founded free software movement, GNU project and Free Software Foundation (as early as in 1985), also a cofounder of the League for Programming Freedom. To defend this movement’s ideals he introduced so called COPYLEFT and applied its principles in widely used software licence GPL (and later GFDL as well). He is also known as a hacker.

20:00 Eňo Ňuňo: Porno
Evening full of not only artistic itches, this time on the more than attractive topic. One of the most famous pirates from Ústí nad Labem will possibly appear – legendary hetero gay porno actor Josef Kopecky.

23:00 DJs

Maha4All: Marihuana and its decriminalization

11:00 Mgr. Dušan Dvořák, professional society „Konopí je lék, o.s.“ (Cannabis is a cure, o.s.),
Medical cannabis vs. marijuana – power of propaganda.
Two films will be screened after the lecture and discussion. Cannabis Passion-play is a film about a prosecution of members of the „Konopí je lék“ society; Run from the Cure is a Rick Simpson’s film about curing cancer with cannabis.
15:00 Semenakonopi.cz, Specific varieties suitable for medical treatment
15:30 HempDog, Industrial utilizaton of cannabis (textile, construction, food, …)
16:00 PestujDoma.cz, Basics of growing under the artificial lightening
18:00 MUDr. Jana Budařová, Curing with Cannabis, not confirmed yet
19:00 Jana Jesenská, Vaporization as a safe way to inhale herbs
20:00 Mgr. Dušan Dvořák, Legalization of medical cannabis: legal, economic and social-political context. And what is it with Pirates?

21:00 Do Shaska + Pirátská projekce

Café Max: Historie Pirátství

16:30 Drahomír Radek Horváth, Smuggling and smugglers on the river Elbe
17:00 Jan Civín, On the one boat
17:45 Vladimír Kaiser, History of gramophone piracy


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