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Crisis of representative democracy

Milan Valach, Ph.D.

It is evident that institution of modern states are in service of capital and political power groups. Regular elections of political parties and illusion of their competition have to hide the real situation. Democracy is becoming more and more disappointing. Leaderships of all political parties are not accountable to the voters, because their ties to influential donors and global investors are much more important. And even representatives of these parties are getting members of the financial elite, eventually they work as a service class of the financial interests.

Citizens are staying in a role of passive spectators.

The solution of this critical situation is the only one: the change of the whole systém.

It is necessary to change political system of representative democracy into direct democratic rule of game. But what is crucial, it is the change of oligarchic system of ownership. It must be said that political system always reflects economic logic. We can achieve the ideals of freedom, equality and solidarity only when we make a transititon from the capitalist model of ownership of private firms by rich elites and build the system of firms owned by their employees instead of it.


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